The Mathematics Consortium Bulletin April 2021 Vol. 2, Issue 4

In this Issue

Cover Page - The Mathematics Consortium Bulletin Jan 2021 Vol. 2, Issue 3

  1. Presenting the Special Issue Dedicated to Prof. C. S. Seshadri

  2. Seshadri and the Standard Monomial Theory - V. Lakshmibai and P. Littelmann

  3. In Paris Seshadri Toyed with Projective Modules - Manuel Ojanguren and Raman Parimala

  4. Infinite descent, a Theorem of Seshadri and then on - Raja Sridharan and Sunil Kumar Yadav

  5. My encounter with Seshadri and with the Narasimhan-Seshadri theorem - Nitin Nitsure

  6. Seshadri and degenerations - Vikraman Balaji

  7. Aspects of Geometry and Music, the Metaraga System - Purnaprajna Bangere

  8.  Quotations from some tributes

  9. Brief Biography of Professor C. S. Seshadri

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