The Mathematics Consortium Bulletin April 2020 Vol. 1, Issue 4

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Cover Page - The Mathematics Consortium Bulletin Apr 2020 Vol. 1, Issue 4

  1. Two-generation of finite simple groups
    Yash Arora and Anupam Singh
  2. Nonstandard statistical distributions: Perspectives and future scopes
    K. Muralidharan and Pratima Bavagosai
  3. Quality Improvement in Math Education - an experiment
    Inder K. Rana
  4. What is happening in the Mathematical world?
    Devbhadra V. Shah
  5. A tribute to Subhashbhai
    M. H. Vasavada
  6. Problem Corner
    Vinaykumar Acharya and Udayan Prajapati .
  7. Opportunities and Academic events
    Ramesh Kasilingam
  8. TMC Activities
    Communicated by Prof. S. A. Katre

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