The Mathematics Consortium Bulletin October 2019 Vol. 1, Issue 2

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Cover Page - The Mathematics Consortium Bulletin Oct 2019 Vol. 1, Issue 2

  1. Algorithmic problems in Algebra
    John Meakin
  2. The Tower of Brahma
    Andreas M. Hinz
  3. Prof. A. R. Rao and his Geometry Club
    M. H. Vasavada
  4.  What is happening in the Mathematical world?
    Devbhadra V. Shah
  5. Sanjoy Sen-Obituary
    D. K. Ganguly
  6. Report on 9th International Congress of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, July
    15-19, 2019, Valencia, Spain.
    Mohan C Joshi
  7. Problem Corner
    Udayan Prajapati
  8. Calendar of National / International Mathematics events
    Ramesh Kasilingam
  9. TMC activities
    S. A. Katre

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