Why join The Mathematics Consortium

The Mathematics Consortium is a Consortium of Mathematical Societies and Institutions in India and it will also include Mathematical Societies/Institutions from SAARC Countries.

The Mathematical Societies will be members of The Mathematics Consortium with voting right. They can nominate up to 3 nominees as representatives of their society with prescribed 10-year membership fees. The societies with up to 1000 members can nominate 1 representative with a membership fee of Rs. 3000/- and  2 representatives with a fee of Rs. 5000/-. The societies with a membership of more than 1000 members can nominate 3 representatives with a fee of Rs. 10000/-. These nominated members will have voting right.

After 2019, the nominated members will select the Executive Council Members of The Mathematics Consortium.
More information about this will be available in due course.

The Mathematics Consortium may organise joint activities/Regional Programmes in collaboration with various Mathematical Societies and Institutions in India and SAARC Countries.
The Mathematics Consortium has organized a joint conference with American Mathematical Society during 14th to 17th December 2016 at BHU, Varanasi. It expects to organize such conferences with other foreign Mathematical Societies such as European Mathematical Society from time to time. Such international conferences can be held jointly with Institutional/Society Members of The Mathematics Consortium.

Individuals interested in Mathematics can become Associate Members of TMC (without voting right) as

  1. 10-year Associate Membership (Membership Fee - Rs. 1000/-)
  2. Annual Associate Membership (Membership Fee - Rs. 200/- for 1 year)
  3. Life membership (Membership Fee - Rs. 3000/-)

The Associate Members can take part in various activities of TMC, such as National/International Conferences/Workshops/Regional Programmes. They can organise/help organise such programmes.

The Associate Members/Society and Institutional members will have online access to publications of the Consortium and can buy hard copies of the publications at concessional rates.

The Mathematical Consortium also has Institutional Membership. Colleges, Universities/University Departments, Research Institutions, Fora etc. can become Institutional Members of The Mathematics Consortium by paying 10-year membership fee of Rs. 20000/-. The Institutional Members can organise activities of the consortium such as Regional and other programmes. They will get help from TMC in the academic aspects as well as partial support for expenses especially for honorarium for lectures. The Institutional Members in turn are welcome to help the TMC activities for the benefit of the mathematics community.

The Mathematics Consortium may organise joint activities in collaboration with its institutional members and various Mathematical Society members in India and SAARC Countries.

The Institutional members  of The Mathematics Consortium can invite researchers/well known mathematicians for  minimum period of 1 week and maximum 2 weeks  under visitors scheme. The support under this scheme will be up to Rs. 2000 per day as honorarium to the visitor. The visit should be utilised for joint research work or lecture series and discussions with the faculty members/students in the Institute. Any publication coming out of the visit should acknowledge the support from The Mathematics Consortium under this scheme. Any correspondence in this regard is to be done by sending email to sufficiently in advance.

Join as an Associate Member

Join as an Society/Instution


Online payment for membership fees of TIMC can be made to:
Name of the Account: The Mathematics Consortium
Account Number: 9412331450
Kotak Mahindra Bank 
M-4, Virwani Plaza, 11 East Street, Lotus Rd, Camp, 
IFSC Code: KKBK0000721 
East Street Branch, 

Pune, Maharashtra 411001, INDIA