International Conference on Mathematics and its Applications

Thu, 24th May 2018 to Sun, 27th May 2018

Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM), Kathmandu

A joint conference of

Nepal Mathematical Society (NMC) and The Indian Mathematics Consortium (TIMC)

Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal

Vista Foundation, Bangalore India

 Mathematics has very important role in a society and has wide applications in different disciplines, from natural to social sciences and science & technology. The people related to mathematics have to be familiar with the development and the recent trends in the discipline. The conference (ICMA-2018) provides a forum to a diverse group of scientists not only in pure mathematics but also in its applications to natural and health sciences, engineering, management and finance. The conference intends to bring together researchers from pure and applied mathematics and from a variety of other disciplines, where mathematics finds its ample applications so that mathematicians, researchers and students around the globe are brought in one platform to interact with each other, to share their knowledge and experiences as well as to exchange views and discuss the topics of mutual interests in this challenging and widely applied area of mathematical sciences. ICMA-2018 aims at offering the participants an opportunity to be familiar with the recent developments in the subject and acquaint the young participants with the research and other mathematical activities. 

Chaired By
Prof. Ravi Kulkarni, President, TIMC
Prof. Tanka Dhamala, President, Nepal Mathematical Society
Number of Participants: 250
Conference Facilities: 1 Auditorium with capacity 225 for inaugural function, plenary talks and symposia  5 class rooms of 40-50 capacity  with LCD projector for symposia and paper presentations in parallel sessions
Note to the speakers: The speakers are expected to make power point presentations for their talks. Those speakers who cannot provide power point presentation will be requested to provide handwritten notes which can be scanned and converted into a pdf file and will be  presented using LCD projecteor. It will be possible to provide a small white board for additional explanation, if needed.
The speakers and the participants want to submit papers for presentation/poster are requested to submit a LaTeX and pdf file of an extended abstract of 2 pages including references (instead of small abstract of 4-5 lines)